The ramblings of an absent-minded doctoral student

The ramblings of an absent-minded doctoral student. Chronicling my life as I earn a PhD in history.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 8 comes to a close...

Only 2 weeks left in the Winter quarter. I still have so much left to do, it seems. I just finished reading War Under Heaven: Pontiac, The Indian Nations & The British Empire by Gregory Dowd. I thoroughly enjoyed it, actually. It was a very interesting take on Pontiac's Rebellion. Next up is Benjamin Carp's Rebels Rising: Cities and the American Revolution. We have a short reaction paper due on that as well as an outline of our paper due for the writing seminar. I still have to work on my final papers as well and grade my students' papers. I feel overwhelmed, but at the same time, I'm not entirely concerned. I feel pretty confident that I'll get all of this done in time. Not that I have any choice anyway.

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