The ramblings of an absent-minded doctoral student

The ramblings of an absent-minded doctoral student. Chronicling my life as I earn a PhD in history.

Monday, July 25, 2011

belle réussite

I have managed to pass the intensive readings course in French for Graduate Students with an A. That certainly helped my GPA out a bit. Part II started today and thankfully, I only have to meet 2 more times: on the 4th to talk about Part I of my translation and on the 16th to talk about Part II. This gives me much more time to focus on packing, moving, unpacking, and working on my generals readings list. I'm trying to do 2 books a day, one from each of my minor field lists, until I come up with my major field list.

Kyle has been gone for a few weeks, the weather has been miserable, and I've been so overwhelmed that it feels like I haven't gotten anything done, even though that's not the case. But for now, I have errands to run and a house to pack, so I should get back to it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A good, good life

Sometimes I wonder what exactly I'm doing with my life. Like, I have things that I KNOW I want to do, like start a family and finish my PhD. But there are other things that I'm not sure I still want to do. Is teaching as fulfilling as it used to be? Is this what I want to do? Am I cut out for this? Will I finish my degree? Again, the same questions I've been mulling over for the last few months. But I've been doing fairly well in French class and I hope German class goes just as well in the Fall. Also I now have my generals lists completed for my two minor fields, so now I just need to nail down my major field.I think if I can just sit down and focus, then I'll be prepared for generals in Spring. I'm just worried that I don't know enough about the fields and the historiographical debates in order to fully answer a generals question. But I'm sure everyone feels that way. I guess we'll see how things go...